Quentin Crisp wrote letters almost daily. Mr. Crisp answered most of the letters he received either by hand or his trusty typewriter. He truly enjoyed responding to those who took the time to write him.

Mr. Crisp also thrilled reading most of the letters aloud, something which I took great delight in hearing him do. Hearing the words written by Mr. Crisp's admirers eloquently spoken by him was pure, absolute magic. Indeed, wondrous moments in time, to say the least.

With great pleasure, the Quentin Crisp Archives presents a special selection of Quentin Crisp's letters for you to read, letters which he wrote to his fans, friends, and family. Many of these letters have been gifts to the Archives, and several purchased or photocopied from various sources.

Please take pleasure in this unique selection of Mr. Crisp's letters from the Quentin Crisp Archives and enjoy reading his words. Maybe read them aloud and imagine you hear his voice resounding the words before you!

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