In modern times, Quentin Crisp is moslty known for his literary output and his theatrical performances on stage and in film. Yet, in his earlier years Mr. Crisp worked primarily as a life model in various schools and colleges about London and the "Home Counties" of England. He was a familiar visage in all locations, and most recognizable by his flaming sweep of henna-enhanced hair. Quentin Crisp was the talk of all the art schools and always the running chatter among the students.

In the following pages, the Quentin Crisp Archives have assembled articles and memories by those who knew him. Many of the persons worked with him as a life model in various locations and settings, while others painted or drew him in art class. It is refreshing to learn more about Mr. Crisp through these reminiscences, and to view aspects of his life through their eyes and words.

If you have such memories of having worked with Quentin Crisp as a life model, or if you painted or drew him in class, please write of your memory of this time and share it with us. You may send your memories of this period in Quentin Crisp's history to us
here. The Archives will then post your reminiscences at The Model Years for others to read and to enjoy the memory you have of Quentin Crisp as Model.

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