Brian Fillis recently wrote, "The pre-production for 'An Englishman in New York' proceeds well; the shoot begins in exactly three weeks time. Yesterday John Hurt spent the day trying on costumes -- and the three wigs which have been created for the role by the wig designer who worked on 'The Naked Civil Servant' back in 1975. A bit of crew continuity which gladdens my heart......and John's too, apparently. I'm told that, once in costume, he instantly began to carry himself differently. The hip slid subtly outwards and the head and arm movements became more 'studied'. Mr Hurt's Quentin Crisp is slowly, gently returning to us after thirty three years."

Brian Fillis has written the screenplay for the movie An Englishman In New York, which is based on Quentin Crisp’s life in New York City following his move here in 1981. Starring John Hurt reprising his most famous role to date on film, it began filming in Manhattan on August 18, 2008 and concluded in London on October 9, 2009.

An Englishman in New York made its world premiere at The Berlin International Film Festival's Panaroma on February 11, 2009. A press viewing was held on February 7, 2009. Its English debut was at t
he 23rd London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, with screenings on March 26th and 27th. Click here for more info! Also shown was Uncle Denis?, a film by Quentin's great-nephew Adrian Goycoolea! The movie's New York premiere was on April 27, 2009 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Mr. Fillis studied English at Leeds University in the late 1980s but dropped out after two years. He was then a DJ at the Leeds Warehouse for two years, or during the “heady days of ‘baggy’ music and all things ‘Madchester’.”

In the early 1990s, Brian Fillis was the lead singer of a four-piece guitar band peddling 1960s cover versions to workingmen’s clubs throughout the North West. In 1996, Brian qualified as mathematics teacher and has to date published ten mathematics text and teacher-resource books. In 2002, he became a mathematics teaching consultant—effectively training teachers.

Mr. Fillis had his television debut with his adaptation of his cult comic play Fear of Fanny for BBC4, starring Julia Davis and Mark Gatiss. Devised from interviews with Fanny's colleagues, family and critics, the 90-minute television film about the life and supper times of the great cook/hostess Fanny Cradock aired on BBC4 on October 23, 2006. This critically acclaimed adaptation made its terrestrial premiere on BBC2 at 9pm on New Years Eve 2006.

The NRG Theatre Company stage production of Fear of Fanny premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2002. Fear of Fanny then toured the UK in October and November 2003. Brian's next play was Non-Scene, a dark satire on the life of Lionel—a gay serial killer. The play premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Fe
stival 2003.

Brian wrote for the BBC4 the drama The Curse of Steptoe.He has been commissioned by Pathé Films (with BBC Films) to write a film about Britain’s formidable woman prime minister Margaret Thatcher. The film will focus on Thatcher's battle to save her career in the 17 days immediately before the Falklands War in 1982.

Now thanks to Mr. Fillis and his An Englishman In New York screenplay, we will have the second installment of Quentin Crisp's life story. The first being, of course, the 1975 BBC television movie adaptation of Mr. Crisp's book, The Naked Civil Servant. The screenplay was written by Philip Mackie, and starred John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.

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