The National Federation of Community Broadcasters held its 2001 Golden Reel Award Ceremony on March 24, honoring 15 Golden Reel winners, 15 Silver Reel winners, and16 Special Merit winners for this annual celebration of outstanding and creative uses of the medium for community radio broadcasters, station-based and independent producers.

Quentin Crisp Memorial Recording, Brian Deshazor, Producer, Mark Torres, Co-producer, Pacifica Radio Archives was a Golden Reel winner.

The Golden Reel Awards have a long tradition in NFCB’s 26-year history. The Golden Reels are given by community radio’s sole national organization, the NFCB, tocommunity radio producers. These are the only general programming awards given to public and community radio.

The awards, presented during the Annual Community Radio Conference, are open to programs broadcast on non-commercial community radio.

According to Carol Pierson, NFCB President, "In a marketplace where competition for listeners is increasing exponentially, these programs make it clear that Community Radio stands with the best. The winning programs are sometimes challenging, sometimes entertaining, frequently moving, and always engaging. Community radio stations and independents are producing and airing work that is on the cutting edge of culture, political thought, and technology. These programs are a reminder of the value andimportance of Community Radio."

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