It was perhaps no accident that when Quentin Crisp chose to look different back in the late 1920s, he would be the subject of much scrutiny from afar, and up close under the camera lens.

Quentin became an icon for many reasons, but every icon has something totally distinctive about their look that no other icon has. Marlon Brando had his leather jacket; Joan Crawford, her padded shoulders; and Louise Brooks, her pageboy haircut. With Quentin, it was his fedora (he actually had a few) and many scarves. We've enclosed a wallpaper collection of Quentin's scarves with which you can decorate your computer desktop and celebrate a little bit of Crisperanto in your life!

The Quentin Crisp Gallery presents another fine representation of Mr. Crisp as "icon." And, indeed he was an icon despite his self-effacing disregard to the clear fact. He was a humble man, after all, and took all deserving praise with calm reprieve. The images included in the Quentin Crisp Gallery are photographs which he kept stuffed away in his small crowded room at The Eastwick at 46 East 3rd Street, as well as other collected by the Quentin Crisp Archives from various artists.

The Quentin Crisp Gallery also includes examples of paintings and drawings, many from Mr. Crisp's early years as a life model working as a "naked civil servant" in art schools in England during the mid part of last century. While some images are from his very own collection, others are gifits from artists or they have been located at various sites on Internet.

Not many people are aware that Quentin was also an amazing illustrator. Some samples of his work are included

In November 2000, Quentin Crisp: London & New York, a very special exhibit celebrating Quentin's life, was held at the Emerging Collector. Pictures from the exhibit are shown here.

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