a play by Jeffrey Hartgraves

Carved in Stone is a play by Jeffrey Hartgraves, and is populated by some of the most famous (and infamous) gay icons of all time. Within the play we encounter Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, Quentin Crisp, and Tennessee Williams in an "afterlife lounge" of sorts. Capote, Wilde, Crisp, and Williams await you for the ultimate after party, where truth is subjective, reality is debatable and death might just be a good career move.

This bitchy tribe is joined by a mysterious newcomer, Gryphon Tott, and is thrown instantly into turmoil. Personality conflicts and engorged egos are the real players in this comedy/drama that entertains the idea that human beings assume far too much and that nothing is truly “carved in stone’. Also visiting the play are the likes of Gertrude Stein, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Alice Toklas, Billy DeWolfe, and William Shakespeare.

Carved in Stone comes to Los Angeles in Spring 2009, with the actors Kevin Remington (Truman Capote), Jesse Merlin (Oscar Wilde) and Curt Bonnem (Tennessee Williams), with original cast members Leon Acord (Quentin Crisp) and Matthew Martin (Gertrude Stein/Judy Garland/Bette Davis) for run. Levi Damione will assume the leading role of Gryphon Tott, originated by David Tenenbaum. T.J. Lee rounds out the cast, playing William Shakespeare, Billy de Wolfe and Alice Toklas. Hartgraves will direct his script. The show is produced by Hartgraves, Acord and Laurence Whiting.

Carved in Stone was originally presented by Theatre Shark and Larilee Productions in association with Eureka Theatre in San Francisco on August 9, 2002. The production was directed by John Fisher; set by Stephen Drew Ritchings; costumes by Jim Kumiega; lighting by Robert Lockhart; music by Paul Tortora. The production was co-produced by Laurence Whiting, Jeffrey Hartgraves & Leon Acord. The cast was P.A. Cooley (Truman Capote), Leon Acord (Quentin Crisp), Matt Weimer (Oscar Wilde), Jeffrey Hartgraves (Tennessee Williams), and David Tenenbaum (Gryphon Tott)
; and with guest appearances by Maththew Martin (Gertrude Stein, Judy Garland, Bette Davis) and Drew Todd (Alice Toklas, Billy de Wolfe, William Shakespeare).

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