by Quentin Crisp

Edited by Phillip Ward and Laurence Watts

On December 25, 2018, on what would have been Quentin Crisp’s 110th birthday, Phillip Ward and MB Books announced the publication of And One More Thing by Quentin Crisp, the companion book to last year’s The Last Word: An Autobiography. Edited by Phillip Ward and Laurence Watts, And One More Thing was released on January 1, 2019, and available on Amazon.

Quentin previously said that The Last Word: An Autobiography would be his last book, and it is. However, the original manuscript was much too long for one book, so we split it into two.

And One More Thing is that second book, in which Quentin primarily shares his views on other people, their lives and their opinions. He talks about all manner of people from flapper girls to Monica Lewinsky, and from the British Royal Family to Walt Disney. Some subject matters will be familiar to fans while others will be new. Also, included is the script for Quentin’s Alternative Christmas Message, broadcast on Britain’s Channel 4 in 1993.

F or the first time And One More Thing also contains the collected poetry of Quentin Crisp. Several of Quentin’s poems have appeared in print over the years, but most have not. Quentin always meant to include his poetry in his final literary work, and he made a good deal of effort trying to recall his poems in the last years of his life.

And One More Thing also contains the script of Quentin’s one-man show, An Evening with Quentin Crisp, edited and updated with the help of Phillip Ward. This version is the one he would have performed at the time of his passing.

There is beauty in And One More Thing as well as a sense of completeness. It is a gift that Quentin left to be shared with you, his fans, and we hope you will enjoy it.

About Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp (Dec 25, 1908 - Nov 21, 1999) was an English-born writer, actor, eccentric and raconteur. He became famous from the publication of his 1968 autobiography The Naked Civil Servant, which chronicled the oppression he faced as a homosexual in England before, during and after World War II, when being gay was illegal, as well as his careers as a book designer, prostitute and artist’s model. The Naked Civil Servant later became an award-winning film starring John Hurt. Crisp performed a one-man show, An Evening With Quentin Crisp, which he toured nationally and internationally and which won an L.A. Drama Critic’s Circle award. Crisp moved to New York at the age of 72, where he wrote books on style, culture and manners, appeared in numerous films and published a second autobiography, How To Become A Virgin. He was the inspiration for Sting’s hit song An Englishman In New York. The third and final installment of his autobiography, The Last Word, was published posthumously in 2017, while And One More Thing, his last book, was published in 2018 and includes his collected poetry and the script of his one-man show.

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