Phillip Ward
writer, poet, photographer
editor of Dusty Answers (forthcoming),
Quentin Crisp's final book

Quentin Crisp was a friend, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, and a lover. He was that and more to all who came to know him. Mr. Crisp was a special man and meant so much to many people. He was a total being of what it means to be human: be true to one's self. If you breathe it, live it! That is what Mr. Crisp did, he lived his life to the utmost every day and died as he wished: alone. Indeed, he lived his life as he saw fit. Quentin's honesty will be missed in our lives.

Mr. Crisp was a mentor. He taught me how to listen, and I did. It was Quentin's language that first intrigued me. His language spoke with sublime eloquence. He was a master of the word—each phrase spoke wisdom. Quentin was as genuine as his warm heart, and that I will miss.

I am honored to have worked with Quentin Crisp, but I am most honored to have been a part of his life. I thank him for sharing this quiet joy, and for enriching my being. I will miss Quentin every day of my life.

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