Sylvia Miles


’Tis true that many will miss you
Though I hope not more than me.
For ’Twas often said in jest at a
Fete or function we’d be there
for all to see
You, with your unique and spiffy look
And humor ever intact
I, with fingerless gloves and leopard hat.
Indeed, that was a photo ‘op’ in fact.
Yes you lived your life
facing endless strife,
All with grace and great aplomb.
Never bitter, just the witty and
clever dry wry crisp.
Proving in fact, dear Quentin, that
one should not go back to
where they’re from!
Your friend and fellow thesper,
Sylvia Miles.

Copyright © 2000 by Sylvia Miles and Estate of Quentin Crisp. All rights reserved.
Photography copyright © by Dimitris Yeros. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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