John Glines
founder and director of Glines Theater

From his tiny feet to his astonishing lavender hair, Quentin Crisp was a New Yorker. He once said that if he ever went back to England, it would kill him. He did and it did. But he said that on his way back everyone with British Airways was very kind to him, they must have been in New York a long time. I’m proud to have produced him in what was originally known as "A Straight Talk from a Bent Speaker," in 1998, particularly as it was his last appearance on stage in his hometown and it opened on his 90th birthday. (He didn’t believe that the letter on White House stationary was from the President!) I commend his books to you. In them he is and will forever be astonishing.

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Poster image from Glines Theater's production of An Evening with Quentin Crisp. This was the last round of performances by Mr. Crisp in New York City: December 25, 1998 through January 31, 1999.

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