Tim Fountain

I feel remarkably privileged to have met Quentin and to have been granted permission to have written a play about his life. Quentin was a flirt, a tease, a profound conservative and left wing radical, an iconoclast and an icon, an Edwardian gentleman and an anarchist, a hater of the establishment and yet an upholder of some of its values. In short, a great, glittering contradiction and truly one of the most vivid, original and entertaining characters of the twentieth century. He took the raw material of his life—his treatment at boarding school—at home and on the streets of London as an out gay man and he fashioned it into the wit and wisdom that became his trademark. He was absolute proof that life is not about what happens to you but the way you deal with it. He was an individual in a world increasingly populated by droids. His words will survive as long as there are people to read and speak them. There can be no greater tribute than that.

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