Charles Barron
doctor, writer, and friend

Quentin Crisp was fond of saying: "People are my hobby." What a privilege for me to have been a part of Mr. Crisp’s hobby. His hobby allowed me to share his personal courage and sense of unique style that guided him through his years. I marveled at his wit and humor and loved to see him smile and laugh. He was a person of true dignity. How I will miss coming home and seeing Mr. Crisp tilt his head, bid me good evening as I entered the room and say to Mr. Ward, busily working at the demon machine: "Oh! It's the doctor of souls." (Mr. Crisp was referring to my profession as a psychiatrist.) I was honored to share many wonderful conversations and memorable evening with him. Mr. Crisp was a renaissance man of our time—an artist, actor, writer, poet, raconteur, humorist, and philosopher. His hobby of people was truly a gift to everyone, and his legacy will continue to provide inspiration for others.

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